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About Dinico Global ThermoMart

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Established in 2006 when a group of industry leaders in the electrical sector created a company to provide an innovative waste and cost reduction service to a range of industrial organizations.

Prior to its establishment, the electrical industry was examined thoroughly and the speediest approach to gain the most significant cost reduction with the largest impact was found to be the usage and procurement of consumable items.

Having successfully addressed this situation with a knowledgeable technical team and some manufacturing facilities, we established a new company with a mission to introduce a far more economic range of measuring devices and electrical parts to the market but combined with a strong philosophy of providing the very best quality and technical support possible.


At , we serve as both designer and distributor of electrical components and measuring equipments.


Today we are not only proud to supply and support many industries, but we are delighted to have been able to contribute to their profitability by delivering reliable and cost-effective supplies and providing outstanding customer service on a global basis!

Thermo Mart Offers a complete line of electrical components and measuring equipments, which are specifically designed to meet an assortment of industries demands.

…Offers a unique combination of proven technology and customer-specified supplies and global manufacturing services!