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Professional Digital Infrared IR Non Contact Laser Gun Thermometer Pyrometer with adjustable Emissivity from 0.01 to 1 for HVAC, Auto, Electronic, Food services

Professional Digital Infrared IR Non Contact Laser Gun Thermometer Pyrometer with adjustable Emissivity from 0.01 to 1 for HVAC, Auto, Electronic, Food services
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Professional Digital Gun Infrared IR Thermometer Laser HVAC FºC with Adjustable Emissivity


This is a professional hand-held non-contact infrared thermometer, with backlit LCD display, the measurement fast, easy and accurate. This gun has a lot of advantages and functions compare to the rest of similar products in the market.


  • Equipped with set key for high and low temperature alarm buzzer for fast working
  • º C / º F conversion keys and Show max temperature during of measuring
  • Automatically record and hold the readings and Automatic shutdown
  • Dynamic range selection and a resolution of 0.1 º C (0.1 º F) LCD display with backlight
  • Built-in laser sight, can be more rapid and accurate targeting
  • Off and on key for laser and backlight sight
  • Adjustable emissivity with 0.01 resolution (Different objectives can choose by different emissivity)
  • Common Object Emissivity Comparison Table is included
  • You can increase accuracy, if you calibrate your gun with changing of exact emissivity
  • CE certificate


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0.1 º C (0.1 º F)

Temperature range

-50 ~ 350 º C (-58 ~ 662 º F)

Optical ratio

121 12:1 *

Response time

Less than 0.5ms

Spectral Response

8 ~ 14um


Adjust the resolution from 0.10 to 1.0 (steps 0.01)

Super Range Tips

Displayed on the screen

Polarity display

Automatic (positive no display); (-) indicates negative

Diode laser

Output <1mw, 630 ~ 670nm Class 2 (II) laser products

Storage temperature

-10 ~ 45 º C

Operating Temperature

0 ~ 50 º C (32 ~ 122 º F)

Relative Humidity

10% ~ 95% RH (operation), <80% RH (storage)


9V battery, NEDA 1604A or IEC 6LR61




155 × 114 × 55mm

Standard Security

Complies with European CE safety regulations


*The distance-to-spot ratio (D:S) is the ratio of the distance to the object and the diameter of the temperature measurement area


Package included: Infrared thermometer gun and Manual and Common Object Emissivity Comparison Table


Fields of Application:


Auto Services


Engine and Exhaust troubleshooting Low Compression: Scan manifold temperature to determine low compression.


Ignition System Problems: Scan manifold temperature for misfire condition.


Incorrect Fuel/Air Mixture: Measure and compare exhaust system components for correct fuel/air mixture.


Catalytic Converters: Scan both sides of the catalytic converter for temperature differences.


Cooling System Diagnostics


Check for overheating problems or if parts need to be replaced.


Radiators: Scan radiators for core restrictions.


Thermostats: Easily measure thermostat temperature.


Coolant Sensors: Measure coolant temperature sensors and manifold air temperature sensors and Climate Control


Check heaters, air conditioners, and vents quickly and easily for malfunction.


Heaters/AC Vents: Check heating and cooling systems output.


Temperatures significantly higher than ambient or varied temperatures of rotors, drums or bearings indicate excessive wear.


Brakes/Sealed Wheel Bearings: Diagnose brake bias and uneven braking.


HVAC Related


Check Low Side and High Side Pipe temperatures and get Sub cooling and Supper heating temperature


Check room temperatures fast


Check ambient and outlet temperature and see if a cooling or heating system works or not FAST


Find weak insulation area in walls and fix it without pressurizing the room/house, save time and money


Check temperature point to point, Wall by wall, room by room and find the weak insulated areas and save money on heating/cooling bills


find the hot spot in the circuit board/element and know the element which is going to break soon


Check temperatures on fast moving element safely, etc


Electric Services <

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