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Programmable (Ramp & Soak) Dual Digital PID Temperature Controller 50 Segment Time & Temperature for Paragon Pottery Ceramic Annealing 1/8 Din

Programmable (Ramp & Soak) Dual Digital PID Temperature Controller 50 Segment Time & Temperature for Paragon Pottery Ceramic Annealing 1/8 Din
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Model: PID-RS-S-48
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This is a Programmable (Ramp & Soak) Dual Digital PID Temperature Controller with SSR output and universal type input.


It can be programmed for multiple profiles up to 50 segments. This controller is easy to program and comes with a user friendly manual.


Use this valuable controller when you wish to precisely control the temperature of a kiln/heater on certain timely cycles.



Applicable industries:


            - Annealing 

            - Jewelry

            - Beer Brewing 

            - Ceramics

            - Metallurgy

            - Petrochemicals

            - Kiln, Oven, Furnace and etc.


Features & Specifications:


·         High accuracy 0.2%FS

·         Can have several different programs

·         Up to 50 segments

·         Be able to run/stop/pause/jump the program

·         With soft-start function

·         Built-in Switching Power Supply

·         Auto/Manual control switch from front panel

·         Configurable time-dominate or value-dominate controls

·         Modularized design

·         With event output



Available Segments

Up to 50 segments available for a program

Detective Temperature Range

-200 to 1800 °C (depends on input type)


Be able to program different patterns with different segments


Thermocouple: (K,S,E,J,T,B,N)
RTD: (Cu50, PT100)

Linear Voltage and current:0-5V,1-5V,0-1V,0-100mV,0-20mV,0-60mV,0.2-1V(100-500mV),-20 -+20mV(0-10V) -5V- +5V(0-50V), -100 - +100mV(2-10V)
Linear Resistor:0-80 Ohm, 0-400 Ohm


Voltage pulse to drive SSR

Control action

Heating , Cooling

Response time

Less than 0.5S (configurable)


0.2%FS+- 0.1C(Cu50 cooper resistor compensation or ice point compensation)
0.2%FS+0.2C (TC input and internal compensation)

Temperature drift

Less than 0.01%FS 0C (Typical value is 50ppm/0C)


10C or 0.10C(automatically change to 10C when the temperature is higher than 999)


Dual line - four digit - LED display

Decimal points


Control Method


AI MPT with auto tuning, adopting fuzzy logic PID algorithm

Auto/Manual Control

Auto/manual bump less transfer from front panel


Auto-tuning and manual tuning available

Alarm Mode

Absolute value high limit, Absolute value low limit, Deviation high limit alarm, Deviation low limit alarm.

Alarm stand by

In some occasions, for example, in the heating process, when the alarm is set to as low deviation alarm, right after the power is turned on, the alarm will be triggered but there is no problem in the system, the alarm block function can solve this problem.

Soft start function

In some particular application, 100% output ratio is not allowed when the power just turned on; soft start function is a great feature to solve this problem.

SV re-transmission output

available, as feed of PLC or indicator or paperless recorder

Power Supply


Dimension (DIN 1/16)



Panel Mount



Simplified version of the manual

Wiring Diagram

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