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Temperature Controller for Making Home Sous Vide Cooking Machine (10 Amp)

Temperature Controller for Making Home Sous Vide Cooking  Machine (10 Amp)
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Model: DWH7016X-pump3L
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This add include Temperature controller and water proof sensor for sous vide and submersible High temperature Mini Pump for circulating water for sous vide.

Temperature controller

This mini Temperature Controller is an excellent, reliable, accurate and convenient multifunction device for controlling temperature and time when you need control temperature and time precisely and constantly. Suitable for all equipments which need Heating or Refreigerating control. 

The controller has a countdown timer too (from 0-999 minute) and when you turn on the controller, As soon as the temperature reaches to your set point, timer of controller starts counting down and when the time reaches to 0 minute, the controller will turn off the cooker.


We will ship either 110 V or 220V version of the controller, based on the destination country, mentioned on the shipping address.


For example, if a client is located in United StatesCanadaMexicoJapan, Venezuela and Taiwan, the 110V Controller will be shipped to them. But if the destination is in EuropeAustraliaNew ZealandSouth AmericaAfrica and most of the Asian Countries we will ship the 220V version.






Your Sous Vide Machine at Home:


This Temperature controller will turn a rice cooker or a slow cooker into a Sous Vide bath and allowing you to cook:


· The perfect steak every time


· Tender juicy chicken breast that is not dry


· The best sous vide turkey and pork you have ever cooked


· Salmon that is moist and full of flavour


· Vegetables that retain all of their fresh flavour even when cooked




How to use this temperature controller for making sous vide:



  • Place the water proof sensor of the temperature controller into the water of the cooker.
  • Wire the controller to power supply socket and your cooker wire  to output of your controller and then turn on the controller switch.
  • Program and Set up your controller (Temperature set point, Time and different set value)
  • The controller will maintain the water temperature in the cooker automatically.




  • Mini and light design
  • Large and clear LCD display
  • Temperature Range (-50 ~ 110 °C)
  • Heating or cooling function (one out put )
  • Automatic over and lower temperature alarm output
  • Control temperature by setting the temperature set value and the different value for heating or cooling.
  • Temperature Calibration
  • Wiring diagram for installation included
  • Equiped with countdown timer


  • Temperature Measuring Range: -50 ~ 110°C
  • Control temperature range: -50 ~ 110 °C (adjustable)
  • Control temperature difference: 1 - 15 °C (adjustable)
  • Countdown Timer range: 0-999 minute 
  • Resolution: 0.1 °C
  • Accuracy: ± 1 °C
  • Sensor: NTC sensor
  • Relay contact capacity (Heating or cooling): 10 Amp/110V (max)  
  • Power Supply: 100 ~ 120 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: < 3 W
  • Sensor Cable length: 3 m (10 feet)
  • Item dimensions: approx. 75 (W) x 86 (H) x 35 (D) mm (2.95"x 3.39" x 1.38" inch)
  • Item weight: 180 g



Wiring work

The unit is of a panel mount design and requires mounting in a suitable box. This unit is supplied with wiring diagram of how to fix the main unit to your application systems. However, it is highly recommended to do the wiring connections via qualified technician with experiences in electricity.

Mini Pump 

Brushless Centrifugal Pump Advanced magnetically coupled technology, without any leakage for ever Durable magnetic rotor and fine ceramic shaft.

This is a high quality Brushless Centrifugal Submersible Pump with advanced magnetically coupled technology  with low noise and capability for High Temperature submersible (100C/ 212F)  mini DC water pump . It can pump water as high as 100'C continuously for 24/7 submersible ! The brushless motor is sealed inside without any leakage for ever(100% water proof).Made of  durable magnetic rotor and fine ceramic shaft. The pump has CE and food grade certification from  SGS according the German Food regulation. The pump equipped with a bracket for fixing the pump on container by 2 screw.




·         Small and mini size with 3 L/min power

·         Capable to submersed into the high temperature liquid (100C/ 212F)

·         Equipped with bracket and vibration control rubber for easy installing on your container

·         Low noise (it is difficult to hear the noise when it works)

·         Food grade pump

·         Long  life span up to 30000 hrs



1.Hot water circulating system
2.Water or oil cooling circulating system
3.Tea pot or Coffee maker
4.Juice machines
6.Water dispenser
7.Garden irrigation
8.Aquariums and ponds 

Technical Information:

Input Voltage : DC 12V  (Operation voltage are 9-14V)
Output: 3 L/min (47.5 gallon/hour) 
Cut off and pressure: 1.7M (5.5 ft) 
Current: 300mA /12V
Intake: 14.0mm Dia.
Outlet: 7.0mm Dia. 
Life span: > 20,000-30000hrs depends RPM and working condition
Noise: < 20dB 
Fluid Temp: 100'C (inline and submersed) 
Size(L*W*D): 41mmx47mmx34mm (1.61" X 1.85" X 1.34") 

Do not operate when there is no water in the pump. It will break your pump.!One Set Included

This add include of,


  • 1 x Mini-Temperature Controller
  • 1 x Water Proof Temperature sensor probe with cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Mini submersible pump

Temprature Controller Manual 

Pump manual


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Temperature Controller for Making Home Sous Vide Cooking  Machine (10 Amp)
Click to enlarge
Temperature Controller for Making Home Sous Vide Cooking  Machine (10 Amp)
Click to enlarge
Temperature Controller for Making Home Sous Vide Cooking  Machine (10 Amp)
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